The Sentinels

The Sentinels are a pantheon of seven gods, worshipped by the human and halfling population of Orinar and Colinar.

-The Warrior, Oton (LG)
Oton is the god of warriors, war, arms, armor, and honorable conduct. His typical worshippers include swordsmen, weaponsmiths, armorsmiths, and mercenaries. His allies are The Law, Atmos, The Lady, Libris, and The Harvester, Rydarr. He is typically prayed to before a conflict and before meals.

-The Thief, Eesis (CN)
Eesis is the god of thieving, lying, cleverness, and greed. His typical worshippers include thieves, sleazy, greedy, or clever traders, and assassins. However, his main worshipper base is made up of merchants who sail the seas. His allies are The Lady, Libris, The Gale, Ylios, and The Gatekeeper, Ohner. He is typically prayed to before performing legally questionable acts, making a business deal, or going to the market.

-The Law, Atmos (LN)
Atmos is the god of lawfulness, order, logic, scholarly thought, and justice. His typical worshippers include watchmen, soldiers, people who are on trial, students, and teachers. His allies are The Warrior, Oton, The Gatekeeper, Ohner, and The Harvest, Rydarr. He is typically prayed to before a court hearing or sentencing, and before meals.

-The Lady, Libris (CG)
Libris is the goddess of love, sex, marriage, beauty, childbearing, fidelity, and romance. Her typical worshippers include brides, grooms, lovers, parents, and expecting mothers. Her allies are The Warrior, Oton, The Gatekeeper, Ohner, and The Gale, Ylios. She is typically prayed to before births, marriages, proposals, sexual encounters, and before meals.

-The Gatekeeper, Ohner (LN)
Ohner is the god of life, death, the afterlife, time, and history. His typical worshippers include undertakers, healers, the bereaved, and scholars. His allies are The Warrior, Oton, The Thief, Eesis, The Gale, Ylios, and the Harvester, Rydarr. He is typically prayed to after the death of a loved one, when a person is critically ill, during, before, or after a birth, and during research.

-The Gale, Ylios (CN)
Ylios is the god (or goddess, depending on personal interpretations) of the sky, wind, sailing, storms, travel, art, music, and luck. His/her worshippers include traveling merchants, sailors, gamblers, musicians, artists, and adventurers. He/she is typically prayed to before, during or after travel, before a contest of chance (like a card game or dice roll), before performing a musical piece or creating art, and especially during a storm.

-The Harvester, Rydarr (LG)
Rydarr is the goddess of fertility, mining, smithing, and farming. Her typical worshippers include farmers, miners, craftsmen, artisans, and entrepreneurs. She is typically prayed to before harvest, before or during excavations or mining operations, before or during the crafting of goods, and before, during, or after a business is started or is successful (or a failure).

The Sentinels

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